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"$100,000 Name That Tune"

"1984 World Series"

"1st & Ten"

"A Woman of Substance"

"a.k.a. Pablo"


"Alas Smith & Jones"

"Alive from Off Center"

"Almost Live!"

"Amor com Amor Se Paga"

"Ancient Lives"


"Anything for Money"

"Appartement, L'"


"Big Deal"

"Bird of Prey 2"

"Blue Thunder"

"Body Language"


"Bottle Boys"


"Call to Glory"


"Ch�denshi Baioman"

"Ch�jik� kidan Sazan Kurosu"

"Challenge of the GoBots"

"Chance in a Million"

"Charles in Charge"


"Cover Up"

"Crazy Like a Fox"

"Crimewatch UK"

"Danger Bay"

"Danger: Marmalade at Work"


"Double Trouble"

"Down to Earth"

"Dragon's Lair"

"Duty Free"


"Ellis Island"


"Ever Decreasing Circles"

"Fairly Secret Army"

"Finder of Lost Loves"

"Fresh Fields"


"Front ohne Gnade"

"Fushigi na koala Blinky"

"G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra"

"George Washington"

"Glass no kamen"


"Going Bananas"

"Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense"

"Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats"

"Heimat - Eine deutsche Chronik"

"Heritage: Civilization and the Jews"

"Highway to Heaven"

"Hokuto no Ken"

"Hot Pursuit"



"It's Your Move"

"J�senki Erugaimu"


"Kate & Allie"

"Kidd Video"

"Kids Incorporated"

"Koara b�i Kokk�"

"Laugh??? I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee"


"Let's Make a Deal"


"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

"Little Armadillos"

"Luk ding gei"

"Mama Malone"

"Master of the Game"

"Mates and Music"

"Me and My Girl"

"Meitantei Holmes"

"Miami Vice"

"Mike Hammer"

"Mistral's Daughter"


"Mother and Son"

"Mr. Palfrey of Westminster"

"Muppet Babies"

"Murder, She Wrote"

"Murun Buchstansangur"

"Night Court"

"Out of Control"

"Paper Dolls"

"Partners in Crime"

"Patrik Pacard"

"Philip Marlowe, Private Eye"



"Pink Panther and Sons"

"Piovra, La"

"Playing Shakespeare"

"Pole Position"

"Proceso a Mariana Pineda"

"Pryor's Place"

"Punky Brewster"

"Pushing Up Daisies"

"Qiang xing qi fei"





"Robin of Sherwood"

"Rock 'N' America"

"Santa Barbara"



"Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show"

"Showbiz Today"

"Shroud for a Nightingale"

"Six O'Clock News"


"Sorrell and Son"


"Spirit Bay"

"Spitting Image"

"Strangers and Brothers"

"Super Password"

"SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show"

"Sweet and Sour"

"Tales from the Darkside"

"Teresa de Jes�s"

"The Bill"

"The Box of Delights"

"The Cosby Show"

"The Cowra Breakout"

"The Duck Factory"

"The Family-Ness"

"The Far Pavilions"

"The Four Seasons"

"The George Michael Sports Machine"

"The Get-Along Gang"

"The Gillies Report"

"The Invisible Man"

"The Jewel in the Crown"

"The Kit Curran Radio Show"

"The Last Bastion"

"The Last Days of Pompeii"

"The Living Planet"

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