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"48 Hours"


"A Dangerous Life"

"A Gentleman's Club"

"A Pup Named Scooby-Doo"

"A Taste for Death"

"After Henry"

"ALF Tales"

"All the Way"

"Almost There!"

"Always Afternoon"

"America's Most Wanted"


"Andy Capp"

"Annie McGuire"

"Baby Boom"

"Bangers and Mash"

"Bharat Ek Khoj"

"Blind Justice"


"Butterfly Island"



"Ch�j� sentai Raibuman"

"Chelmsford 123"

"China Beach"



"Colin's Sandwich"

"Coming of Age"

"Count Duckula"


"Day by Day"

"Dear John"

"Denver, the Last Dinosaur"


"Dirty Dancing"

"Djekna jos nije umrla, a ka' ce ne znamo"

"Dogfood Dan and the Carmarthen Cowboy"

"Don't Just Sit There"


"Earth Star Voyager"

"Eisenhower & Lutz"

"Electric Circus"

"Emma: Queen of the South Seas"

"Empty Nest"

"Extra! Extra!"

"Extra�o Retorno de Diana Salazar, El"

"Fair City"

"Family Double Dare"

"Family Feud"

"Fantastic Max"


"Favorite Son"

"Fifteen to One"

"First Born"

"First of the Summer Wine"

"Fran�ais vus par, Les"

"Fun House"

"Game, Set, and Match"

"Garfield and Friends"



"Guignols de l'info, Les"

"Gumby Adventures"

"Hale and Pace"




"Hey, Vern, It's Ernest!"

"High Mountain Rangers"

"Home and Away"

"In the Heat of the Night"

"Inside Edition"

"J� Soares Onze e Meia"

"Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth"

"Just for the Record"

"Just the Ten of Us"

"Katts and Dog"

"Klokhuis, Het"


"Korea: The Unknown War"

"Laat maar Zitten"

"Later with Bob Costas"

"Learning the Ropes"

"London's Burning"


"Midnight Caller"

"Mission: Impossible"




"Mr. Majeika"

"Murphy Brown"

"Murphy's Law"

"My Secret Identity"

"Mystery Science Theater 3000"

"Noble House"


"Piece of Cake"


"Police Academy"

"Postbus X"

"Primo Bas�lio, O"



"Red Dwarf"

"Richmond Hill"


"Rolf's Cartoon Club"


"Round the Bend"

"Ruth Rendell Mysteries"

"Saturday Night Clive"

"Segreto del Sahara, Il"


"Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters"

"Something Is Out There"

"Sonny Spoon"

"Soreike! Anpanman"

"Stoppit and Tidyup"

"Streets Apart"

"Striscia la notizia"


"Sugar and Spice"

"Sunday Night"

"Super Dave"




"T. and T."

"Tanner '88"


"That's Love"

"The Beiderbecke Connection"

"The Comedy Company"

"The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley"

"The Dirtwater Dynasty"

"The Fear"

"The Fortunate Pilgrim"

"The Gong Show"

"The Highwayman"

"The Hit Man and Her"

"The Kids in the Hall"

"The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe"

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy"

"The Munsters Today"

"The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"

"The Second Voyage of the Mimi"

"The Secret Life of Machines"

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